The 2022 call for interdisciplinary collaborative research projects is open.


Jeanne Trinquier, PhD student supported by i-Bio, published her first paper on her thesis work in the journal Nature Communications. The authors propose a new and very efficient computer modeling approach called “generative” which allows to design artificial protein sequences statistically equivalent to natural sequences, a feature of great interest in the field of protein design.
Article: Efficient generative modeling of protein sequencesusing simple autoregressive models. Jeanne Trinquier, Guido Uguzzoni, Andrea Pagnani, Francesco Zamponi & Martin Weigt, Nature Communications, 4 octobre 2021 – DOI :
Press release: Vers une conception de nouvelles protéines par apprentissage statistique


Portrait of 2021 Doctoral Students:


The 2022 call for Lab Rotation and PhD projects is open.


i-Bio has a new director: Gilles Fischer (Director of Research, CNRS), head of the “Biology of Genomes” laboratory (UMR 7238, Computational and Quantitative Biology, IBPS)


Mini-symposium: AI and data science for biology
June 23 from 9:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Pierre et Marie Curie campus.
Participation is free, but for the organization, please register with this form:
Organized by Martin Weigt and Jeanne Trinquier

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The results of the 2021 call for PhD positions have been announced:


i-Bio, for interdisciplinary research in biology: a retrospective of the first 18 months and perspectives

i-Bio invites you to a 2-hour meeting  on Tuesday June 1, at 2pm, by video. On the menu, the outcome of the first 18 months of i-Bio existence and its future prospects.
With the participation of researchers supported by i-Bio: the 4 PhD students recruited in 2020, a team leader who will join IBPS in 2021, the PI of one of the interdisciplinary projects supported by i-Bio, the organizers of an upcoming scientific conference.
Beautiful science in perspective and discussion on the future of i-Bio! (ID of the meeting: 833 6372 2803, Password: 052135)


Video-Interviews of Catherine Jessus, Director of the i-Bio Initiative, and Mazzarine Dotou, PhD student recruited by i-Bio in 2020

Video Interview of Catherine Jessus
Video Interview of Mazzarine Dotou


Multidisciplinary research: interview with Catherine Jessus, coordinator of the i-Bio initiative: