Summer school IBPS – Paris, 17-21 June 2024
“Concepts and Methods in Mechanobiology”


As mechanics appears more and more as an integral dimension of living systems, mechanobiology is a fast-growing field requiring the constant development of concepts and experimental methods.

This summer school aims to give an overview of the current challenges in mechanobiology. The program will be composed of conceptual courses (mornings) by experts of the field and practical workshops (afternoons) presenting cutting-edge experimental methods dedicated to measuring forces and mechanical properties on a variety of biological systems, from bacteria to animal tissues.

Audience and application information

This summer school is open to PhD students or post-doctoral fellows in the fields of biology or biophysics, who intend to integrate mechanobiology methods/concepts in their research. A maximum of 20 participants will be selected. The registration fees (80 euros) will cover housing (hotel), coffee breaks, lunches, and two social events.

Please fill in this form to apply. Application deadline: March 31, 2024.

Contact us at if you have any question or need help for the application.


Conceptual courses 

  • Sham Tlili (CENTURI) Mechanics of embryo morphogenesis and organoids self-organization
  • Alexandre Kabla (University of Cambridge) Models in tissue mechanics
  • Caterina Tomba (INL) Epithelium mechanics in controlled microenvironments
  • Nicolas Desprat (LPENS) Micro-mechanobiology
  • Cécile Leduc (IJM) Mechanics of cytoskeletal filaments
  • Nicolas Borghi (IJM) Mechanotransduction at the molecular scale

Practical workshops

  • Léa-Laetitia Pontani (LJP, IBPS) Adhesion of biomimetic emulsions
  • Jonathan Fouchard (LBD, IBPS) Rheological measurements and nano-indentation on 3D tissues
  • Nicolas Biais (LJP, IBPS) Adhesion and traction forces of bacterial colonies
  • Marie Breau (LBD, IBPS) Laser ablation in zebrafish embryos
  • Mathieu Hautefeuille (LBD, IBPS) Microfluidics to apply shear stresses on endothelial cells

Organizing committee

  • Léa-Laetitia Pontani (LJP, IBPS) 
  • Jonathan Fouchard (LBD, IBPS) 
  • Nicolas Biais (LJP, IBPS) 
  • Marie Breau (LBD, IBPS) 
  • Mathieu Hautefeuille (LBD, IBPS) 
  • Support from i-Bio, IBPS: Gilles Fischer and Valérie Goguel

PhD students involved in the organization of the workshops

  • Olga Vasiljevic (i-Bio student, LJP, LBD, IBPS) 
  • Brenda Nieto-Rivera (i-Bio student, LBD, IBPS) 
  • Clara Gordillo Pi (CDV doctoral school, LBD, IBPS) 
  • Cécile Vincent (i-Bio student, LJP, IBPS) 


The courses and practicals will take place on the campus of Sorbonne University, at the Institut de Biologie Paris Seine (IBPS):

IBPS, Sorbonne University
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
7-9 quai Saint Bernard
75005 Paris, France


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