Financial benefits

  1. PhD students will receive a salary of 1,684 €/month including health coverage and social benefits, which represents 1,422 €/month net salary.
  2. In addition, they will be granted by their host laboratory a bonus of 10,000 € which can be used to buy a computer and books and to attend conferences and summer schools.
  3. Daily commuting through the Ile de France public transportation network will be subsidized to 50% of the full costs.
  4. Access to the student cafeteria will be subsidized.

Educational training program

Academic program. PhD students registered at Sorbonne University will be offered a large choice of training modules to strengthen their academic expertise as well as their soft skills. Please consult the catalogue here (note that training modules that are offered in English are marked with the English flag🇬🇧). PhD students will be invited to formulate a (non-binding) individual training plan for the duration of their PhD.

Scientific training. The i-Bio program will organize monthly seminars, journal clubs, oral presentation workshops, biennial retreats, as well as one or more annual summer schools designed to fit the interests and needs of PhD students (see here).

Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). Each year, the PhD student will meet with a TAC which follows his/her progress and identifies potential difficulties. The TAC will also offer guidance if needed.

Charter of Doctoral Training and Ethics guidelines. This charter defines the respective rights and obligations, as well as the reciprocal undertakings, of the doctoral partners, in order to ensure quality. The national ethics guidelines aim to define the criteria for good and ethical science. Related documents can be found here.

Graduate officer
Valérie Goguel: