i-Bio comprises about 60 research teams of the basic biology cluster of Sorbonne University, comprising the Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine and the Institut du Fer à Moulin.

Research of i-Bio teams addresses fundamental questions such as the formation and plasticity of neural circuits in connection with diseases that affect behavior, the cellular, molecular, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of development, as well as the basic mechanisms underlying a cell’s response to external stressors and their changes during ageing. Some i-Bio teams also use computational biology methods to decipher rules in genome evolution and chromosome reorganization. Finally, other i-Bio members develop physical approaches to probe biological systems at different scales and design bio-inspired systems to dissect biological processes. Research at the frontiers between biology and other sciences tackles questions on biological phenomena with the use and development of diverse techniques and approaches, in particular advanced optical tools,  in silico generation of new biological data, statistical methods for data analysis, predictive algorithms, physical chemistry, statistical physics theory and soft matter science.

The following IBPS and IFM teams have proposed a PhD project in 2021: