1st – Ex æquo    DESPLANQUE Mazarine
Project title: Acetylcholine/Glutamate co-transmission in the striatal network. Anatomical and functional heterogeneity of synaptic vesicles in cholinergic interneurons
Supervisors: Bernard Véronique and Pietrancosta Nicolas

1st – Ex æquo    IGASHOV Ilia
Project title: Alternative splicing-inspired protein design
Supervisors: Laine Elodie and Grudinin Sergei

1st – Ex æquo     MARCELLI Giorgia
Project title: A Biomimetic Approach of Cell-Cell Communication
Supervisors: Wandersman Elie and Noireaux Vincent

1st – Ex æquo    VOLZHENIN Konstantin
Project title: Deep learning to predict metabolic protein-protein interaction networks for environmental microbial communities
Supervisors: Carbone Alessandra and Bittner Lucie

Supplementary ranked list

5th        ZIRIAT Zoheir
Project title: Study of piRNA clusters: loci involved in genome stability
Supervisors: Teysset Laure, Carré Clément and Antoniewski Christophe

6th        CHENANE Linda
Project title: Dissecting how excitable ependymal cells participate to locomotor rhythms using an all-optical approach
Supervisors: Mangin Jean-Marie and Debrégeas Georges

7th           CRÉPIN Raphaël
Project title: Development and characterization of bio-inspired scaffolds with advanced electromechanical properties for cardiac tissue engineering
Supervisors: Li Zhenlin and Labdi Sid